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Student Projects / Studentprojekt

Master Projects, BSc projects, Project course projects, Examensarbeten, Kandidatprojekt etc

While we have hosted project students from many universities in- and outside Sweden, Uppsala university students dominate, for obvious reasons. Most student projects are 30 credits (30 hp), corresponding to roughly 20 weeks of full time work, but 15 or 10 hp projects may also be available, as well as shorter project course projects. A project with us usually means original research relating to our ongoing science projects, with the student working in our offices and labs at the Ångström laboratory as a part of our science team.

Interested in a project?


  1. Send us a mail stating your interests, when you would like to do a project, and other relevant details, including a list of what courses you have taken.
  2. We try to match this to suitable supervisors and projects.
  3. You visit us and discuss with one or more (usually 3-5) potential supervisors to see if something can be agreed.
  4. If some suitable project and supervisor is identified, we start the formal paperwork of registration etc, whereafter the project can begin.

Some project ideas

The science front moves rapidly forward so lists of project ideas are hard to maintain -- what seems like a good idea today may be irrelevant in half a year. In addition, suitable projects also depend much on your interests, background and plans. While we do list a couple of ideas below, the list of previous projects is actually a better guide: here you can get a flavour of what kind of projects may be available and what kind of science and work they contain. Have a look at old projects below and then come up and meet us to discuss new ideas.

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