IRF Uppsala

Space Plasma Physics

Anders Eriksson


Litterature course in cold magnetospheric plasmas and electrostatic probe measurements

Anders Eriksson
Swedish Institute of Space Physics, Uppsala
, and
Department of Astronomy and Space Physics, Uppsala University

When Erik Engwall started as PhD student in 2004, we defined a litterature course for him as a means of quickly getting into his research project. This worked out very well, and the report he wrote as part of the examination could be reused as a large part of his licentiate thesis 18 months later. Other PhD students have expressed interest in the course concept, so I put up the course material here as an example of how such a course can be organized.

Course goals:
  • Provide background for the student's research project
  • Give skills and confidence in finding, reading, assessing and discussing research papers
How we did it:
  • We planned the course together, and I defined a list of 26 papers to read (course plan, PDF)
  • Erik read the papers, 1-7 at a time
  • We met six times to discuss the papers he had read since last time
  • After each discussion, Erik wrote about these papers in his report
  • The examination consited of the discussions and the completed report (PDF)
  • Erik and I both wrote evaluations of the course (in Swedish, unfortunately -- I never thought they would end up here!)